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Top 10 coldest places in the world

Top 10 coldest places in the world: 

1. Vostok Station(Antarctica):

Date: Jul 21,1983
Temperature: -89.2(C) or -128.6(F)

Vostok Station (Antarctica)

2. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station(South Pole):

Date: Jun 23,1982

Temperature: -82.8(C)    -117(F)

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (South Pole)

3. Dome A (East Antarctica):

Date: Jul 2007

Temperature: -82.5(C)  -116.5(F)

Dome A (East Antarctica)

4. Verkhoyansk & Oymyakonm Sakha Republic (Russia):

Date: Feb 06,1933

Temperature: -68(C)     -90(F)

Verkhoyansk & Oymyakonm Sakha Republic (Russia)

5. North Ice (Greenland):

Date: Jan 09,1954

Temperature: -66.1(C)     -87(F)

North Ice (Greenland)

6. Snag, Yukon (Canada):

Date: Feb 03,1947

Temperature:  -63(C)     -81(F)

Snag, Yukon (Canada)

7. Prospect Creek, Alaska (USA):

Date: Jan 23,1971

Temperature: -62(C)     -80(F)

Prospect Creek, Alaska (USA)

8. Ust-Shchuger (Russia):

Date: Dec 31,1978

Temperature: -58.1(C)   -72.6(F)

Ust-Shchuger (Russia)

9. Malgovik, Vasterbotten(Sweden):

Date: Dec 13,1941

Temperature: -53(C)   -63.4(F)

Malgovik, Vasterbotten (Sweden)

10. Mohe Country(China):

Date: Feb 13,1969

Temperature: -52.3(C)   -62.1(F)

Mohe Country (China)

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