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TOP 10 Tallest Buildings in The World

1. Burj Khalifa Building:

Burj Khalifa was build at United Arab Emirates in 1993. The Height of the Burj Khalifa is 828 Meter (2717 Feet)  and having 163 Floors.

2. Taipei 101 Building:

Taipei 101 was build at Taiwan in 2004. The Height of the Taipei 101 is 508 Meter (1667 Feet) and having 101 Floors.

3. Shanghai World Financial Center:

Shanghai World Financial building was build at China in 2008.  The Height of the Shanghai World Financial building is  492 Meter (1614 Feet) and having 101 Floors.

4. International Commerce Center:

International Commerce building was  build at China in 2010. The Height of the International Commerce building is 484 Meter (1588 Feet) and having 108 Floors.

5. Petronas Twin Towers:

Petronas Twin Towers are build at Malaysia in 1998. The Height of the Petronas Twin Towers are 452Meter (1483 Feet) and having 88 Floors.

6. Zifeng Tower:

Zifeng Tower was build at China in 2010. The Height of the Zifeng Tower is 450 Meter (1476 Feet) and having 66 Floors.

7. Willis Tower(was Sears Tower):

Willis Tower was build at USA in 1974. The Height of the Willis Tower is 442 Meter (1450 Feet) and having 110 Floors.

8. KK100 Development Building:

KK100 Development building was build at China in 2011. The Height of the KK100 Development Buliding is 442 Meter (1450 Feet) and having  100 Floors.

9. Guangzhou International Finance Center:

Guangzhou International Finance building was build at China in 2010. The Height of the Guangzhou International Finance building is 439 Meter (1440 Feet) and having 103 Floors.

10. Trump International Hotel & Tower:

Trump International Hotel & Tower was build at USA in 2009. The height of the Trump International Hotel & Tower is 423 Meter (1388 Feet) and having  98  Floors.

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