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A boy harassed by police goons in Hyderabad

This video claiming to be from Hyderabad, where on boy is getting beaten up by bunch of people calming to be ‘Moral Police’ is a fresh account of Immoral Policing. Similar video we saw from Hyderabad a week ago. Both the videos are same but the tags of Religions are changed on the goons who are harassing.

Immoral policing is seen in big cities like Hyderabad is alarming as it looks like in video. Law and order is at stake and freedom is suppressed by fringe elements.

We request all the community members not to judge the perpetrators or the victims on their dress, language, religion etc. rather let us see this as act of violence against innocents. Let us help get them justice by spreading awareness and reach it to the police so that action could be taken and an example can be set.
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