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3 Types Of Bad Relationships You Need To Get Out Of

1. The one that you can't stop complaining about

No one has bound you down to this relationship. If all you can do when you think about your relationship is cringe and crib, why are you even here? There's no point sticking around in an unhappy relationship after a point. Move on! There are more people out there.

2. The one in which you're physically harmed

A physically abusive relationship can be extremely taxing and scary. While you may feel like he/she has some power over you, you need to realise that you are your own master. Don't let anyone push you around, ever.

3. The one where your partner is constantly suspicious, for no reason at all

Again, trust is sacred. If you've done nothing to get that kind of behaviour, you should not be subject to it. Talking to your friends, or having a good time without your partner does not immediately mean that you're cheating on them. This is basic stuff.
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