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Punishment For Rape In Some Countries

Different countries around the world have different laws and punishment for rape. Here we listed the punishments of some countries.


Iran believes in giving a death punishment to the culprits


punishment of rape in Afghanistan is to shoot the rapist in the head within four days or hang him to death

Death sentence is what they award to the miscreant in China. Chinese laws are quite strict and swift but their autocratic leadership sometimes results in innocents being punished.

Saudi Arabia

If a person has been convicted of rape in this country, then he is sedated and beheaded in public within days of his trial.


The Anti Rape Bill passed in 2013 has changed the way a rapist is punished in India. The convict is either imprisoned for life i.e 14 years of imprisonment in most cases, or he can be awarded a lifetime imprisonment and even death sentence in rarest of rare cases

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