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Why Mahesh Skipped Pawan Kalyan's Name ?

Prince Mahesh Babu, who takes his job quite seriously, has opened up about his professional as well as personal life, talking to a leading daily for a recent interview. While he agreed that Ram Charan and Prabhas are his competitors, he also asserted that everybody has their own space in the industry to shine. "I'm very competitive, but I also understand that we all have our own space, be it Charan, Prabhas or me. There's a lot of space for everyone to be there. But competitive in the sense that I like to compete with the films I do. So if Srimanthudu was like this, It has set a benchmark for me. I work even hard to come up with better content to breach it,” quoted Prince. However the rumour mills are who delve for double entendres drew their own version out of it. Mahesh may have skipped Pawan’s name unintentionally or might’ve thought him as a next film has to be even better. But I don't want to compete with other stars", he reportedly said.

Recently there has been some vague reports that both could team up for a film, though not sharing the screenspace precisely, atleast one producing the others film is quite possible. On the flipside, Mahesh’s Brahmotsavam may clash with Pawan’s Sardaar as both the films under production are planned for Summer release.

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