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Did I just hear responsibility?


It is so often that we come across words like ‘responsibility’ and ‘sincerity.’ Right from our childhood, we are told that ‘honesty is the best policy.’ Having been subjected to the phrase ad nausea, we are ready to bang our head against the wall if we have to hear it one more time. It makes us wonder whether these excessively used phrases are not the least implemented ones?  

Irresponsibility became a fad with the youth, who call themselves cool.  What would happen if army men, guarding our borders, take it cool breaking the traffic rules, well you know it! Being irresponsible is a fad among youngsters these days. They worship laziness; most of them believe that the laziness is the key to being called cool. I am not sure if the movies are to be blamed for this.

Often in the movies, the person who is irresponsible and dishonest (in most of the cases, he also tends to be the laziest person on earth) metamorphosis into someone totally opposite, or suffers a bad fate at the end of the movie. Had the army people been irresponsible and dishonest, finding them cool and inspiring would have been next to impossible. Hence, it is time that we reconsider the definition of coolness among ourselves. To be cool is to be responsible. Since it is not very easy to be responsible, we can give it our best shot by focusing on one thing at a time, and by making sure that the justice is done to the job performed. A responsible soldier cannot be dishonest; therefore, honesty comes hand in hand with responsibility. If each one of us could grasp this message, all of us would be a step closer to success. Back to future! 
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