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Is it true that "Facebook Giving Tough Competition To Google", Earns Much More Than Yahoo

Google versus Facebook

As the battle of Facebook vs. Google rages on,coming to Facebook it is not only expanding its user base but also increasing its revenue base which was clearly said with its quarterly revenue results. It was the first time that Facebook has crossed the $5 billion mark (Rs. 34.090 crore) in a quarter and this amount is almost similar to what Yahoo earns in a year. Reports about the company’s quarterly performance came on Wednesday and it also proved that slowly and steadily, Facebook is walking on the path of challenging Google.

Earnings of the company $1.56 billion (Rs. 10,636.08 crore) have also doubled this year as it’s making efforts to improve the internet access in isolated parts of the world. What’s more, it’s also investing good amount in virtual reality and mobile ad network.

The stocks of Facebook have also seen upward movements of upto 6.78 or 7% after the quarterly report came out.

Google still remains three times larger than Facebook in terms of revenue but it seems Facebook is climbing up at a steady speed and it is going to give tough competition to Google in a few years.
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