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So called India’s Daughter...!!

India’s Daughter

India is a country of rich cultural values and traditions where world stands in front to learn from the country. But, for the first time the whole India is in a situation to bend down its head out of shame in deed. A place where women are worshiped, “women” a symbol of power according to many Indian mythologies. The power which destroys the bad spirit. The name WOMEN itself says that MEN are part of it. In the present days scenario has been completely changed. Women have become the symbol of entertainment. Women are treated as puppets in this male dominant society.
In this democratic country, a woman can be supreme power/authority as well as a brutally effected, affected victim. Country’s judiciary have many rules to punish the accused but not to save the victims.
In India, on an average a rape is committed for every 20 minutes and most of them remain un-reported.

INDIA’S DAUGHTER..!! This is not just a documentary.

A British director/actor Leslee Udwin stood forward to take a documentary on world’s shocking issue “DELHI GANG RAPE 2012”.

It told of the gang rape – on a bus by five men and one juvenile in December 2012 – of Jyoti Singh, a Delhi medical student who died in hospital of her wounds. The unspeakable details of her ritual humiliation belong in another century, and yet they tell of a deeply ingrained culture of female repression in India

This is a responsible, sensitively made documentary, animated by genuine respect to the victim and her parents who must go each day of their lifes with a lot of pain and loss. It is so deeply concerned about violence against women which is sadly, endemic in India across social income strata.The picture it shows in the hope that we will try to change is not pretty. Pity we have chosen to throw away the mirror because we cannot bear to look into it.

Yes, it is better to release such documentaries for us, we Indians because we would know what the standard of the Indian women is at present in the country.

Blame shouldn’t be put upon a single person or category. It is we the Indian society that should be blamed because, we are the people who gave much more importance to men than women. That’s the only reason why the girl child has been diminishing in the past few decades. It shows the standard of Indian people.

 If a woman raised her voice many things try to bring pressure on her in order to make her mouth shut. If she in return turns herself into a power no one can stop her except her own thought. Woman should be exposed to outside world in order to survive in this world. She is neither a prisoner nor a toy. A woman cannot be protected by her family or friends or people surrounding next to her. She can be protected by her and only her..!

Education is the primary thing. Due to lack of education in the people, not only the literacy but also the morality, people have been so brutal towards girl child or a woman. Due to lack of education and moral values, society has greater impact and attracted towards bad.

India has lost its value in traditions and culture. The documentary reminds each of us that “Is this the country where we are living in??” We need some change.
Respect woman.. The world respects you..

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