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This woman is a real life vampire who drinks blood

real life vampire

FOR some, the awakening comes in the form of a bloody kiss. For others, the unexpected taste of raw, blood-soaked meat triggers a primordial hunger that longs for that metallic, warm taste of blood.

But to Condon, her passion for drinking human blood started when she was just a child, much before films such a Twilight or shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries were introduced into popular culture. When she was only 12, she would open wounds on her own body by picking off scabs and that is how developed a thirst for blood.

Living in Queensland, Australia, this 38 year-old woman, Georgina Condon is a self-proclaimed vampire who loves to drink her boyfriend’s blood every week.  She says she likes to consume human blood directly from the wound and loves the metallic taste, texture, look' and intimate nature.

Not just that, the woman also has other traits of a true vampire. She suffers from solar dermatitis and blisters in UV light.

However, she found her first donor when she was 17-years-old. After drinking her own blood for years, she went to Goth Clubs and told everyone that she was a vampire. She found that men were turned on hearing so and she found it sensual too.

Ms Condon has been in a relationship with her partner Zamael for two years who also donates his blood to quench her thirst.This was one case of Ms Condon, but she is not the only one showing traits of a vampire, there are other too who possess similar likings.

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