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Women are being forced to sleep in public areas, here's why!

Women are being forced to sleep in public areas

The movement, looking to empower women is steered using social media Meet To Sleep has been garnering support over the past months and has become a major event in the country. Women have started coming out in big numbers to support it.

Women across India are sleeping in parks and other public spaces for a certain reason. the women who opted to be a part of Meet To Sleep campaign started by Blank Noise sleep in public areas in order to appear carefree in such areas.

The campaign looks to reclaim these public spaces for women who want to go out in the open with any fear of being harassed or troubled.

The meet has been organised in cities across India and the first meet happened in Bengaluru. Cities like Jaipur, Pune and Mumbai have also participated in such movements.

The women who participate in the movement are called Action Heroes. Women from different regions, race, caste, religion have come out in complete support of this movement.

Action Heroes, ie citizens and individuals take a nap in their public parks, just because so many of us, have never done this before.

We Meet To Sleep to shift the fear based relationship we have been taught to have with our cities. We do this question fear, and to initiate a dialogue on trust.

Women sleep in public areas

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