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9 Amazing pictures That Look Fake But are 100% Real !

These 10 photos are a perfect example of the times that make you call a photograph fake because you are in absolute disbelief. So, take a look at these mind-boggling photos, keeping in mind that all of these are absolutely real.

The pic below looks like a giant mug of beer, which in reality is a dust storm in Australia.

This is what happened to the train tracks in Canterbury, New Zealand, after an earthquake.

This is not a bad job of cropping a cruise ship and placing it on a hill.  It is a luxury resort hotel in South Korea.

The boat seems to be floating in air, but in reality, it is an optical illusion created by extremely clear water.

This huge sinkhole in Guatemala City is for real.

These trees are real. They are just pruned to appear in perfect straight lines.

Optical illusion created on display outside Paris City Hall. It looks like a giant glass sphere, but it’s actually flat.

The giant salt flats in Bolivia make it appear as if you are walking on water.

This is an actual building. 

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