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If you have a mole at one of these places on your body, this is what it means

Mole is a mark that stays throughout the life from birth till death. People have different sizes of moles. Some have small and some have large moles. People believe in many superstitions about the place of the moles on the body parts that affects our life. They affect on the person’s wealth, peach blossom, health and fortune. Every individual wants to have good wealth, fortune.

So do you have a mole? Then learn a lesson about the moles that plays a role in your life.

Left of Your Forehead:

This part of the body is called as the temple migration or Palace migration. It refers to traveling, job dispatch and more. If this site has a good mole, it indicates that the road clubs harvest and an evil mole, they go out to do business and travel in smooth less road (life).

Between the eyebrows:

It refers to the career sector like career development and advancement in life. If Ariyoshi mole, it indicates to a good cause, may become the industry’s celebrities; if evil mole, it indicates that around 28 years old, the cause will encounter many setbacks.

Between Eyes and Eyebrows:

The part of the face is called Home sector. If there is a good mole, it tells you are versatile like workability, leadership attention. If there is an evil mole, then it expresses things more difficult, the low efficiency of the office.

At Upper Lip:

It is referred as the face of a mole belongs to Fuxiang. This person’s life is usually worried about food and clothing. Have good interpersonal relationships, popularity is very good.

On the Cheek:

If you have a mole on guitar cheekbones, then, you would have some power in the workplace; if it is an evil mole, you believe others too much that are the other party to sell, therefore, wealth also tend to decrease.

On the Palms:

This person is usually not short of money with a smart, ambitious, easily become the boss. It explains their good financial management, strong financial capability, if female, can grasp the economic powerhouse.

On feet:

People often travel and do adventures. If Kyrgyzstan mole, indicating the person in the workplace popular, often given the task of leadership; if evil mole, described the moment there are bad people make trouble for himself. Take note of the above seven, do not point to the wrong.

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