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Unbelievable? Television Would Now Allow You To Touch, Sense And Smell

Television Would Now Allow You To Touch, Sense And Smell

In the year 1896, when a scene of moving train was screened by Lumiere brothers, most of the people panicked as they hadn’t seen a motion picture before. Some tried running away from theater and thought that the train would crash into them. Now, it takes not just moving images but something more for thrilling the average audience.

When surround sounds, high definition images and flat screens weren’t enough, scientists thought that now a new revolution is needed to improve the TV viewing experience. They are now making a TV on which there are programs that allow you to taste, touch and smell. Yea! It is definitely possible now and is named Freelyvision.

Now, the researchers from Sussex are developing a technique through which ‘raindrops’ can be sensed or breeze can be felt against the face, with ultrasound beams and airflow.
Dr Marianna Obrist, Reader in Interaction Design at Sussex stated that with this incredible technology, broadcasters can make such programs that cater to every sense. This is being done in association with Ultrahaptics, a Bristol Start-up which uses ultrasound technology to enable users to receive ‘tactile feedback’ on hands without the needs of gloves.

Films like Iron Man III made use of ‘4DX’ technology and made viewers sit of motorized seats with some water sprinkled on them. However, ‘9 Dimensional TV’ is something which would definitely bring out something new and would enhance the experience. The research is being conducted at Computer Human Interaction Lab.

Obrist is of the belief that with Haptics technology, human emotions can be transferred. Now, they are creating a sense of touch and smell along with 5 tastes, umami, sour, sweet and bitter. The main idea is evoking objects that are being shown on the screen. Therefore, if a rainfall screen is being enjoyed, the raindrops can be felt on the skin, even though it wouldn’t involve actual water.
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