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A Man Died due to Having SeX In A Speeding Car

Some rules and guidelines are necessary to be followed while driving a vehicle. Besides, certain things are very important and must be kept in mind especially when you are driving a car in speed and are in a naughty mood as it’s truly said, “Sawdhani hati durghatna gati”. The saying utterly came true in the case of this young UP couple who opted for s*xual pleasure and that too while speeding the car due to which the car went uncontrolled and bumped into a truck and the guy died then and there, whereas the girl has got a leg broken in addition to severe head injuries and is admitted in hospital.

It so happened that the 31 years old guy went to Pilibhit from Puranpur for picking up his 24-yr girlfriend and afterward they head to the highway. As per cop, this accident took place on Monday night and the car might be out of control; hence, it could not swing over the oncoming mini-truck. According to the officers-in-charge, the couple was naked waist down at that time.

Police reporting this accident confirmed the news of an FIR being lodged with Gajroula police together with a rash driving complaint against the mini-truck’s driver. “It was residents of the Bengali Colony here who rushed out of their homes when they heard the loud sound of the crash. They tried to rescue the passengers in the car, but the man had already died by then,” as maintained by an officer.
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